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March 28, 2012 Rumor has it that there is a strong possibility that the carousel might be located in Riverstone overlooking the river. Our view is that this is the second best location in CdA and it will be a HUGE boost to the Riverstone development. Obviously, we would like to have it where Walker-Macy suggested and where it was originally, but the reality is that certain powerful interests don’t want it there. NEW RUMOR more speculation of new locations. March 22, 2012 The Mayor and council, as we understand it, have NOT directed city staff- particularly parks director Doug Eastwood- to be proactive in getting the carousel project off the ground. This is grossly apparent from the lack progress. However, tens of thousands of taxpayer dollars have been invested in Art projects around the city. The Carousel will be self-supporting and is ALREADY PAID FOR. In addition, the CdA Parks foundation has proposed a $3 Million professional baseball stadium at the former Eagles field North of the interstate which will suck up the little money that is available from business in this miserable economy. So, to reiterate, the council is ignoring the carousel, which is paid for and ready to run in 3 days time, in order to support the relocation of the long time American Legion field at McKuen Park to a location not endorsed by the Legion or the public by a vote. Meanwhile, citizens from all over the city and county are wondering where the carousel will be located as though it’s a fait accompli. The Carousel Board has had a fund raiser at the CdA Eagles to replenish its diminished funds due to the payment to the original carousel owners per the contract signed by the Footes and Perrons. Until a location has been established, odds are that fund raising will be impotent at best.

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